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Gloss Meters and Light Booths

30 May

What are Gloss Meters?

A gloss meter is a type of spectrophotometer that is used to measure the specular reflection gloss of a surface. Gloss refers to the way an object reflects light off its surface. It is determined by shining a light onto an object and measuring the amount of light reflected at an equal and opposite angle. The angle measured depends on the surface of the object and the material it is made of. For example, objects that are not made of metal (such as plastic) reflects more light as the angle becomes greater. However, a metal reflects much more light and the angle does not matter as much.

A light booth is different…

A light booth is a type of gloss meter that simulates different light patterns and intensities. Light booths can imitate how light will reflect off an object in a variety of environments. These are primarily used in the painting industry to test how a color will look in many situations. This could also be used for products such as vehicles to see how a finish will look at different times of day or under various weather patterns. Light booths that test vehicles are the size of a large room, but light booths can also be small to test less substantial objects.

Standards of gloss meters

There are different standards that come with varying materials measured by the gloss meters. Deviances include materials such as ceramics, paper, plastics, paints, and metals. Applications of the readings include quality control of products. Paper mills and automobile factories are the major recipients of gloss meter products. It is used within the manufacturing stage as well as the in final inspections, making a gloss meter and light booths a vital tool in quality assurance.

Repair and Calibration?

Light booth repair and light booth calibration is a vital service in the industries that use this product. There are not many companies that offer this service, making most spectrophotometer owners look to the manufacturers for service. Vaughntronics is one company that strives to divert attention from the unfair prices of the manufacturers and give a fair and reasonable price to those that need service. Because of the quality assurance that these gloss meters provide, gloss meter calibration and gloss meter repair is a staple that any company making a product will likely need.

Who to go to…

Vaughntronics is dedicated to assisting companies in the Carolinas repair gloss meters and light booths. John Vaughn, the founder, has a history of working with the manufacturers of such products, making him well qualified to work and repair these spectrophotometers. Vaughntronics offers a variety of services to make sure your gloss meters and light booths are working to their full potential. Services such as Full-Service Contracts, which is an on-site contract that will guarantee your instrument is working within 2 business. In-house contracts where they will repair your light booth / gloss meter in home. Lastly, Vaughtronics provides non-contract work which with hourly rates. All of these services can be customized to fit your spectrophotometer needs and ensure maximum productivity!