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SINCE 1995!

Vaughntronics, Inc. is the leading service and repair company in the spectrophotometer industry.

John Vaughn, president of Vaughntronics, Inc., was a senior field service engineer at Macbeth (now X-Rite), so he knows the high cost of vendor service and the end user’s needs. With this in mind, he started Vaughntronics to offer customers responsive, certified, and dependable maintenance for spectrophotometers made by GretagMacbeth, Datacolor, Hunter Lab, and Minolta.

Textiles, paper, plastics, coatings, chemicals, paints, automotive, and more. If you have color measuring system needs, we are the name to remember!


(spek’tro-fo-tom’ i-ter) n.

1. A spectrophotometer is an instrument used to determine the intensity of various wavelengths in a spectrum of light.

2. In cases of maintenance, please contact VAUGHNTRONICS first.